Classical bass virtuoso set to strum at Hifa

THE Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa), running from April 30 to May 5, will showcase the talents of virtuoso double bassist Leon Bosch.

Staff Writer

Accompanied by Lestari Scholtes on piano, Bosch is renowned as one of the most influential instrumentalists of his generation.

The London-based Bosch is particularly known for his expressive bel canto style and is also known as a chamber musician, recitalist, concerto soloist and teacher.

Since his 1984 London solo debut with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Bosch has appeared as a concerto soloist with many distinguished musicians, including Pinchas Zukerman, Sir Charles Groves and Nicholas Kraemer.

Bosch has received acclaim for the exploration of challenging and little-known music for double bass both in live performance and on disc.

At Hifa he will perform music by Spanish composer, Josep Cervera-Bret for double bass while he plays Fascinacion, Cielo Gris, Nocturne, Recuerdos de Londres, Elegia, Berceuse, Introduccion y Tarantel-la for piano.

Bosch’s show will be presented by the British Council while Scholtes’ appearance comes with the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy.


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