Michal Bylina performs “Romanza” by Josep Cervera-Bret

Congratulations for the interpretation of the “Romanza” composition, at Krákow Academy of Music in Poland to Michal Bylina (Doublebass) and Magdalena Haba (Piano) on February 6th, of 2016. During the exam their performed Sperger’s “Sonata T 39” and Romanza para contrabajo of Josep Cervera-Bret.

Facebook account of Michal Bylina: https://www.facebook.com/michal.bylina

Michal Bylina studies the doublebass at Akademia Muzyczna w Krakowie (Cracow Academy of Music) in Poland.


Michal Bylina works at Młoda Polska Filharmonia as doublebassist

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